Who we are

Humboldt Tours is a private tour company with roots firmly planted in Berlin.

We love our city, and are inspired by her vibrancy, resilience, and humility. Our mission is to go beyond sightseeing and deliver tailored, private experiences that bring to life the most important lessons from history.

Named after Alexander von Humboldt — a German geographer, naturalist, and explorer — we are as curious about the world as our namesake was. We welcome anyone who visits Berlin with an open mind and curious spirit.

Over the past 15 years, we have operated more than 3,000 private tours and events.

Our Team

“People often say that I’m curious about too many things at once… But can you really forbid [one] from harbouring a desire to know and embrace everything?” – Alexander Von Humboldt

Together, we are welcoming, open-minded, curious, creative, and aware of people and the planet. With this ethos, we work with only the best guides and suppliers. Every team member is paid fairly and treated as family; each guest is hosted like an old friend.

Organizational Team

Our back-office team are masters of logistics, providing the administrative and organizational know-how to ensure your tour runs without a hitch. We are always happy to answer your queries or concerns. Contact us.


The Maker


The Wonder Fairy

Our Guides and Drivers

The résumés of Berliners are as colourful as the metropolis: our guides are not only experts at planning and leading tours, but they are also historians, actors, chefs, authors, architects, anthropologists, and activists. As such, they can offer a variety of perspectives through which to understand the city and surrounding areas.


The Adventurous


The Storyteller


The Entertainer


The Chef


The Author


The Witness


The Cultural


The Reader


The Charmer


The Gentleman


The Original