Terms and Conditions


The essential details of our tours are described in the texts provided by HTB or else our customer has entrusted the course of a tour at least partially to our guide. For all our tours, HTB reserves the right to make changes in the tour route and in the schedules if a tour is disrupted by events beyond HTB’s control, e.g. a breakdown of public transportation, street works, etc. At any time it is the responsibility of our guests to meet their travel schedule, e.g. to reach their boat, airplane etc. in time.


Tour prices comprise our services such as communication, researching, planning, guiding, making reservations, and, as the case may be, amounts we cash in for service partners on the clients behalf. The tour prices are binding once a tour has been agreed upon. Prices for HTB tours include value added tax. HTB reserves the right to change their prices at any time before a tour price is fixed. The excepted currency is Euro. If a client wishes to pay in any other currency he must inform HTB before and HTB has to agree. The exchange rate is the effectual rate of the day of the tour and the guest must pay the costs for the exchange of the currency into Euro. Excepted forms of payment are cash payment, bank transfer, western union and paypal. The client has to pay the administration costs of the chosen form of payment. The price of the tour has to be paid at the latest on the day of the tour or before if HTB asks for a down-payment. We usually claim 50 % of the price as a prepayment. Extra costs, that we have not cashed in for our client, such as entrance fees, lunch, transportation etc., will have to be paid extra by our guest whenever necessary for the arranged tour.

Cancellation and rescheduling conditions

Please understand that, to cover costs or loss of income, the following fees will be charged if a client cancels a tour or does not show up as agreed or reschedules it (all changes will have to be confirmed in writing):

Up to 14 Days before the tour is scheduled: no cancellation fees are charged except for paypal costs or bank transaction fees or any other costs that unavoidably arise.

Less than 14 days before the tour is scheduled, or if the client does not show up: 100% of the tour price.

For special Events & individually planned Tours special Terms & Conditions apply with Reference to the individual case.

If the client wants to reschedule his tour we will try and find a solution free of charge. In case we can not comply with a rescheduling wish the above-mentioned conditions apply. In case of a rescheduling on the day of the tour the agreed payment is due 100 %, even if only a part of the tour can be given within the agreed time-slot; or else, if the guide can and will have to use more time, the time will have to be paid at the agreed hourly rate. Our guide will wait at the agreed meeting-point for 30 minutes; if the client does not show up or give notice the guide will leave and the payment is due 100 %.

Regarding service-partners (e.g. transportation) their terms & conditions apply. If events that were unforeseeable on the day of the tour-agreement will make it impossible or very difficult to conduct the tour, Humboldt Tours Berlin will inform the guest as soon as we know and can and will do everything we can to provide an alternative. Unforeseeable events are also, if a service-partner (e.g. transportation) will reschedule the tour or does not show up. Humboldt Tours Berlin or the guest may cancel the tour, if an appropriate solution cannot be found. If HTB cancels, we will transfer back any deposit for the tour; if the guest cancels HTB will charge 15 % for a normal tour and 30 % for an individually planned tour. For the service-partners their terms and conditions apply.


Humboldt Tours Berlin provide tour guides, research and prepare tour routes. Therefore, the basic HTB tour is a walking tour. But we also help our guests to facilitate their stay. So, on a guest’s request, HTB may arrange for cars or busses, reserve restaurants, book tickets or the like on your behalf. HTB will take care to inform the involved independent service-partners. But please note that these external companies will have their own terms and conditions, that they are responsible for their service and will write their own bills. It is only for the guest’s convenience that we deal with service-partners and collect and transfer the money owed to them; legally the client owes the amount to them and they can satisfy their claims only with the client. Humboldt Tours Berlin is not a travel agency; HTB is therefore not liable for the performance of service-partners. But we are liable for our own services, like transferring money, and we stand with our good name and the choice of reliable partners for hassle-free tours.

Data protection

Data protection is very important to us. Please read our data protection guidelines or contact us, if you have questions.

Place of jurisdiction

German laws apply. Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled before a competent German court of law.

Severability clause

If any of the conditions above should not be in compliance with the law, this does not affect the other conditions.