Battle of Berlin 1945 Private Full-Day Tour: Berlin at the End of WWII

Quick Details

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Starting time: Hourly departures from 8AM to 11AM
  • Tour type: Walking, cycling, private driver
  • Pick-up location: Your central Berlin hotel
  • Group size: Max 14 people
  • Inclusions: Private expert tour guide, pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, entrance or admission fees, public transport tickets for the walking option, bike & helmet for the cycling option, private driver/black van for the driving option

Tour Highlights

  • Learn about the epic 1945 Battle of Berlin, and how it led to the fall of the Nazi regime
  • See important WWII sites, including the Reichstag building and the site of the former Führerbunker
  • Visit the German-Russian War Museum and the Soviet Memorials at Tiergarten and Treptower Park
  • Learn about the flak towers and air defense systems used by the Nazis
  • Local expert guides with deep knowledge of Berlin’s military & Third Reich History, art, and politics
  • Choose from daily departures with multiple start times

Tour Overview

After terrible years of war, during which the Nazi war machine killed at least 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians, the Red Army finally reached the eastern bank of the Oder River on January 31, 1945.

There they gathered their strength, until, on April 16, 1945, they launched the offensive that is today known as the Battle of Berlin. The brutal conflict involved roughly 2.5 million Soviet soldiers and 800,000 NSDAP German defenders. Of the latter, around 100,000 became trapped within the city limits by April 30th.

Join your personal expert on a private historical deep-dive into one of the definitive battles of WWII. The Battle of Berlin, otherwise known as the “Fall of Berlin” symbolized the final collapse of the Nazi Regime, and culminated not only in the suicide of Adolf Hitler, but also the unconditional surrender of Berlin and the eventual end of WWII in Europe. 

Through this tour we will explore in-depth the key strategic moments of the battle, discover lasting evidence of the fierce fighting which took place and discuss the impact of the battle in what happened to Berlin after the end of WWII. 

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Battle of Berlin Tour


The entire campaign featured some of the deadliest fighting in recorded military history. Soviet forces were eager to end what they knew as their “Great Patriotic War,” while the capital itself was defended by a haphazard collection of demoralized fighters. These included Wehrmacht veterans from the German armed forces, Heinrich Himmler’s fanatically loyal “Waffen-SS,” and even a few foreign nationals (including Frenchmen, Belgians, and Norwegians, among others), who found themselves resisting the overwhelming tide in SS uniforms due to their strong opposition to communism.

The battle left a trail of destruction in its wake, along with massive human cost. On our Battle of Berlin private tour, we will explore both, as well as how the battle changed the course of post-war Germany for good. Our private guides are experts in military history and, as you visit sites such as the Soviet Memorial at Tiergarten, the Reichstag building, and the site of the former Führerbunker, your guide will explain the Soviet strategy, the chaos of the battle, and the surrender of the Third Reich, as well as share personal stories of civilians and soldiers during that time.

About Our Guides

Our Berlin tour guides are more than just guides — they are true characters of the city, with deep knowledge of Berlin’s history and politics. Some of them were eyewitnesses to the Cold War, and all of them are enthusiastic ambassadors of their city. On this private tour, you will be led by an expert in military and Third Reich history, who will be happy to take the time to answer all your questions about the Battle of Berlin and WWII.


What happened in Berlin after the end of WW2?


Tour Flexibility

This tour is a private experience with your own personal expert and is perfect for those with a deep interest in military history. You can decide to walk or cycle on this tour, or we can include a private vehicle and driver, to allow you to see sights slightly further out of the centre.  If you are interested in a Battle of Seelow Heights Private tour, please contact us and we can arrange it for you. We are always happy to tailor the tour to your wishes. If there are particular moments or sites you would like to explore in depth, please let us know and we can create the perfect experience for you.

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