Crossing the border: the cultural clash

Crossing the border: the cultural clash

Can you imagine what it is like to live as a stranger in a (German) big city with a different culture, a different language and also a different way of life?



Your Argentine expert will guide you through a day in this fascinating city and share with you some fun facts and stories that happened to “a South American living in Europe “.
How do you order a currywurst or a falafel correctly in the neighbourhood store around the corner? Why does every “Berliner” have their regular kiosk? What makes grocery shopping a challenge?
Hear some funny stories about the peculiarities of German bureaucracy (without dying trying!). Experience how to adapt to the new cultural context while preserving the old home traditions.

Have you ever imagined that a “mate” tea and a “pretzel” go together perfectly? These many, new experiences are great for curious and fussy people and all those who love the idea of a “multi-cultural world”.

With this digital tour you get a perfect very first access to the yet sometimes very own German culture and all its peculiarities.

Connection Process

One day before the Experience, you will receive a link to connect with your expert guide and further details about it.

MARINA | The Expert on your Tour

  • Born and raised in Argentina
  • Bachelor in Tourism / Tourism Management
  • Experienced working in Argentinien, Mexiko und Berlin
Specific knowledge
  • Cultural dimensions of social life
  • Migration
  • Adaptation to new sceneries
  • Historical and cultural ties between Argentina and Germany
Sprache(n): English, Spanish

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Prices & Options for a Private Group (minimum 2 People)

  • 2-30 People: 35€/per Person (incl. VAT)
  • More than 30 Pax: Please Contact Us

How Does It Work?

  • Duration: 60 to 75 minutes, including Q&A
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Invoice, Credit Card
  • Tool: Zoom Video Communications

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