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Sharing the knowledge and fascination of our beloved city of Berlin is the essence of Humboldt’s tours & experiences. The recent development of modern technologies used at home allows us to gladly expand our platform to a countless number of people around the world.

With our Private Online Storytelling & Experiences, you will have the unique opportunity to learn about the topic of your choice, either by selecting one of our existing tours or enjoying a tailored conversation created just for you.

The success of our Private Online Storytelling & Experiences is directly linked to our experts.
Their in-depth knowledge makes the topic and the histories really come alive – such passion can be contagious and inspiring!
Our private experiences offer a more personal & specific exchange between our experts and you as the participant.

What´s the goal? A successful Private Online Storytelling whereby guests feel happy, connected, have learned something new, and are curious to come to Berlin, Germany.

Our Experts

  • Historians, Authors, Comedians, Chefs, Art lovers, Journalists and Insiders
  • PhD and MA Level specialists in their fields
  • Professional Tour Guides who are amazing storytellers

Our Virtual Tours

The Life of Frederick II, 1740-86
The history of the German speaking peoples in Central Europe has been filled with grand characters but no individual has stood our more…
The peculiarities of the German concept of “Erinnerungskultur”
Germany’s approach to the history of the 20th century. Nowhere is the culture of remembrance, including the essential confrontation with a contradictory and conflict-ridden past, more evident than in Berlin.
Crossing the border: The Cultural Clash
Can you imagine what it is like to live as a stranger in a big city? Let´s find out together….
A culinary journey through colorful Berlin
Berlin’s culture is largely defined by its multiculturalism. Diverse influences that shaped the face of the city for centuries make up its charm.
Street Art Tour
You are curious about art and some history behind it. hey … this is your perfect tour!
Create Your Own Tour
Are you interested in a special topic? Contact us and we will assist you by creating your very own digital experience!