“Erinnerungskultur” in Germany

The peculiarities of the German concept of “Erinnerungskultur”

World Wars, Dictatorships, and Revolutions: The German History of the 20th century has it all. This heritage shapes the country and the mentality of today´s Germans. The specific culture of remembrance in Germany is a consequence of this too. Consequently, this heritage has become an important key to understanding the country – as well as providing an international role model for contemplating such controversial topics. The German capital, more than almost any other, was at the center of the conflict-ridden history of the 20th century. Anyone visiting the booming post-reunification metropolis can clearly see it: Berlin is a city full of places of remembrance and modern memorials.



However, the theme has not limited itself to just memorials. It shapes education, media and foreign policy, as well as jurisprudence and attitudes towards European integration. This lecture aims to show the state of contemporary memorialization culture in Germany, how rocky the road to the current status quo was and, last but not least, that the battle over the interpretation of history has and will never ends.

By explaining how Germany handles its history, this tour finally gives us an idea about the socio-political present of the country – the Germany of the 21st century.

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  • Born and raised in the former Socialist East-Berlin.
  • Studied history and musicology at Humboldt University Berlin, as well as Cultural Journalism at the University of Arts, Berlin.
  • Has worked as a freelance journalist, writing for several Berlin newspapers.
  • Also a musician and pianist in several bands (SKA, JAZZ, Classic)
  • 10 years’ of experience as a tour guide in Berlin and Potsdam.
Specific Knowledge
  • “True Berliner”
  • Has a great sense of humor and is very sociable
  • Father of two children and great with families
  • Perfect for guests interested in history, politics and local life
Language(s): German, English, Spanish
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