Frederick II & The International Impact of Prussia

Frederick II & The International Impact of Prussia (1740-1786)

The history of the German speaking peoples in Central Europe has been filled with a collection of grand eccentric characters wicomplete withth legendary stories that are worthy of telling in the grandest bier halls such as Frederick Barbarossa, Martin Luther, and Otto von Bismarck.  But perhaps no individual has stood out more strongly than Frederick the Great, or as he was more officially known during his time König Friedrich II of Prussia.



On this virtual storytelling experience join us as we delve deeper into his core personality and characteristics, outlining his perspective on the events which allowed him to become one of the most prominent individuals in all of Europe by his death in 1786, despite being far from perfect in many respects.  We will then trace how his interpersonal connections and ideas were able to help shape key aspects of late 18th century European as well as North American history, becoming a noted example for a wide range of subsequent leaders including Tsarina Catherine “the Great” of Russia and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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THOMAS | The Expert on your Tour

  • Grew up in a United States National Park Service family who lived in five different states, including Yellowstone.
  • Has a PhD in Ancient Near Eastern Conflict Archaeology from the University of Liverpool, UK. Presented at the British Association of Near Eastern Archaeologists (BANEA) in 2015 and 2017.
  • Experienced Tour Guide who has given talks in Berlin, Montana, Washington DC, & al-Karak Castle (Jordan).
Specific Knowledge
  • The Pergamon & Neues Museums
  • The Wars of Frederick II of Prussia, 1740-1786
  • The Wars of German Nationalism 1871-1945
  • The Rise of Medieval Berlin
  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Language(s): English
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