Who we are

Our team is deeply rooted in Berlin and like the capital itself – diverse, open-minded and always up to date. We are professionals, historians, actors, chefs, authors, anthropologists, and activists who can offer a wide variety of perspectives on the city and surrounding areas. All of them are pleasant personalities, experienced, thematically versed, extremely well organized and researched, and have their own unique set of anecdotes they can share with you.

What unites us is the constant curiosity about our city and the pride to be part of it. We love to tell stories and present the history of our region. The diverse nature of Berlin and its past offer an immense amount of material for this. We have mastered these disparate sources and are exhilarated to share them with our guests.

Humboldt Tours Berlin (HTB) has so far carried out over 3,000 private tours and events, ranging from private day trips to multi-day and thematically focused group tours to exclusive corporate events on a large scale. We seek to fulfil every wish and can rely on an excellent network of reliable partners in Berlin and the surrounding region.

Mission & Vision

While science can measure and tabulate and compare, it cannot by these means communicate the character of nature. “What speaks to the soul, what causes such profound and various emotions, escapes our measurements, as it does the forms of language.”

“What speaks to the soul, escapes our measurements.“

Alexander von Humboldt

We believe that you cannot simply represent the yield of a trip in numbers, scale it and quantify it. Instead, we seek to facilitate experiences that broaden our horizons, enriching us personally. Literally, worldview – it allows us the opportunity to open our eyes to new perspectives. Don’t just perceive surfaces. Gain deep understanding. In short: make our soul vibrate.

The first task is complete: we have booked a hotel and seen some sights. But for us that is not enough by our definition.

We think things through thoroughly from start to finish. It is much more than a service. It is a matter of attitude and the result is a remaining experience. It is the feeling of being well looked after. To be able to provide unorthodox perspectives in addition to the main ones. To even experience more than you may have thought Berlin was capable of.

On our tours we want to not only make our customers happy, but ourselves. That is our tried and tested principle of success. We are open-minded, expressive and versatile. Always warm to each other. Always classy. We welcome everyone who is looking for something special or has unusual ideas. Anyone who travels with all its soul.

Our Team

We aim for a process in which the successful intellectual achievements of one person arouse the passion and enthusiasm of others.

The résumés of Berliners are as colorful as the metropolis. Each of us has our own characteristic access to the city and its history. OK then! We believe showing the character of Berlin is an essential aspect of our tours. Come visit and get to know our team here.

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