Private Tours

Private Tours

Take a Berlin Tour with a Difference

With the help of our experienced local guides, Humboldt Tours plan and deliver tailored experiences and tours of Berlin to satisfy your curiosity.

Whether you simply want to get an overview of Berlin’s unique history and culture, or expand your knowledge of a particular subject, on our private tours you decide the pace and the level of depth offered. Travel how you choose, start and end wherever you like and adapt the duration to fit your schedule.

Browse our suggested itineraries below. Each focusses on a pivotal theme in Berlin’s history or culture, but we can adapt or combine topics to fit your interests. 

Want to explore a subject not mentioned below, or organise something really unique? No problem – our extensive network of contacts allows us to create the perfect experience for you. Learn more about our custom tours here. For corporate, school or other group enquiries please visit our groups section.


We believe that there should be no barriers to a great experience, which is why all of our tours are accessible to wheelchair users. We have specialist experience in running tours for those with mobility restrictions and additional needs, and will be happy to adapt itineraries accordingly. We are always happy to discuss your individual needs – simply contact us for more information.


As residents and lovers of Berlin, we are very aware of the environmental and social impact that tourism has on our city. As such, it’s important to us to work in a way that is responsible and ethical. 

Suggested Private Tour Itineraries

Berlin Jewish History Tour (half day/4hrs)
This tour takes you to the Spandau suburb, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Berlin and once the epicenter of Jewish life. City history condenses here in a confined space, at the same time it is wonderful to stroll.
Berlin Jewish History Tour (full day/8hrs)
This full day tour provides an opportunity to explore the extensive topography of Berlin’s Jewish history. The immense influence of Jewish protagonists on the cultural history of Berlin and Germany becomes clear.
Berlin Wall & Cold War (half day/4hrs)
For decades, the Cold War kept the world in suspense. No city suffered more than Berlin, which the Iron Curtain cut brutally in half. A tour to locations of ‘Berlin’s world history’ and the confrontation of global power blocks. Berlin and Germany clearly.
Berlin Highlights
Berlin in a nutshell! This half-day tour leads through the historic city center of the German capital and to the most important locations in its eventful history.
Potsdam: WWII and Cold War era (full day/8hrs)
In Potsdam the victorious powers negotiated Europe’s post-war order, had Soviet military and KGB headquarters, and exchanged agents for the German states. The Prussian residence in the light of the end of the World War and the Cold War.
Potsdam – Royal Palaces and Gardens (full day/8hrs)
Potsdam offers lordly splendor and countless architectural gems in the midst of magnificent park landscapes. Discover the residence city of the Prussian kings and its unforgettable world cultural heritage.
Architecture in Berlin
Buildings by the architect Schinkel, prefabricated buildings and current new buildings shape the cityscape of today’s Berlin. This tour includes all the major architectural masterpieces of the past 100 years.
Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen
“It had only one goal, it had only one purpose: death.” Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Publicist & Literary Critic (1920-2013).
In 1936 Heinrich Himmler commissioned SS-Obersturmführer and architect Bernhard Kuiper to build the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.
Battle of Berlin (full day/6hrs)
Berlin at the end of the Second World War. Our private tour explains the strategic, military and political dimensions of the struggle. It also discusses the “daily life” and immense human tragedies of Berlin in 1945 and the immediate post-war period.
The Third Reich and Nazi Berlin
The legacy of Berlin was altered forever between 1933 and 1945, when it served as the capital of the dreaded Nazi “Third Reich.”
Vienna Night Tour
Enjoy local wines, Austrian aperitifs and curated Viennese cocktails accompanied by a variety of Austria delicacies with one of our local guides and self-proclaimed night owls!
Culinary Vienna
Get a detailed introduction to Vienna’s influential and progressive food and drink scene with our local insider! We will show you the best places to stop for all your cravings – sweet or savory.
Prague Beer Tour
An introduction to Czech beer drinking full of facts, tasty snacks, and the liquid gold itself.
Prague´s Greatest Hits
See all the important sites our city has to offer and get inspired by Prague’s unique beauty.