Custom Experience

Are you looking for a special kick and want something more than the usual?
We can make an experience that is right just for you! Regardless of whether you wish to hire a Berlin artist for a graffiti workshop for your children, explore the musical side of the city with a musicologist, or want to be a Ferrari driver on a real race track, we can arrange a once in a lifetime opportunity for you or your group. For many years we have developed a knack for unusual projects and ideas, which has allowed us to build up a network of partners and experts that we can call upon to facilitate your unique desires.

We would be happy to add further suggestions to the examples presented here.
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Custom Experience (2020/21)


Haute cuisine
Exclusive dining is not only possible in expensive restaurants. Let a top chef cook for you in private surroundings.
Enjoy being the center of attention, while tasting your exquisite menu from the unique pieces of a porcelain collection or determining the type and number of courses according to your mood. Such an evening becomes an unforgettable experience not only from a culinary point of view.
With a “Republic refugee” along his escape route
While it is well known that there was the Berlin Wall, it is much more difficult to imagine the emotional courage it took to overcome such grandiose defences… unless you happen to meet someone who actually did it! Meet one of the so-called “Republic refugees” and let them tell you their incredible story.
Take a boat tour on the Spree with him to the places where he breathtakingly risked his life to gain freedom. Personal descriptions in authentic places make the horrors of the Stasi regime recognizable.
Graffiti Workshop
Berlin is littered with great graffiti. Sprayers and street artists contribute a lot to the city’s reputation as a lively art metropolis. Why not do an apprenticeship with them?
After a graffiti workshop with well-known experts in the scene, you leave artistic traces in the city and take hand-produced street art for your own home.

Accessible Tours

Physical impairments are no reason to cut back on travel pleasure. We know the needs of people in wheelchairs or with walking aids and adjust our tours accordingly if necessary. Of course, we have the right vehicles at our disposal. Trust in our experience.

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Private Transfers

We are happy to organize your arrival and departure in the most convenient way imaginable. For private transfers, you will be picked up and delivered wherever and whenever you want. In a vehicle of your choice, you can reliably reach your destination on schedule.

In addition to transfers from and to hotels, train stations, airports or cruise ports, we also organize shuttles to other cities and regions in Germany or Europe. We would be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

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