Berlin Communism Tour: Life Behind The Berlin Wall

Berlin Communism & Cold War Tour:

Life Behind The Berlin Wall – (Half Day/4 Hours)

Tour Overview

Join an expert private guide for this half day Cold War Tour of Berlin, where we explore what life was like in Berlin during the Cold War, as well as the key events of the Communist era. 

On this tour you will learn about the tragedies and absurdities that took place in the once-divided city. Immerse yourself in the past world of socialist East Berlin – understand why the city was so important during the Cold War, what everyday life was like for East Berliners under communism, and why the GDR eventually collapsed following the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Together we will bring East Berlin’s socialist past to life with visits to the Berlin Wall Memorial Center, The Brandenburg Gate, The East Side Gallery and other significant sights. We’ll discuss incredible stories of resilience: escape stories that defied all odds, pivotal moments for the city and personal anecdotes from your expert guide. As always, this is a private tour, so you have the chance to discuss and explore the complexity of this period in Berlin’s history at your own pace.

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Berlin Communism Tour


Tour Highlights

Original Berlin Wall, Victim Memorial Centre and former Checkpoint

The Berlin Wall is the most significant and iconic symbol from the Cold War. Much more than just a physical barrier, “The Iron Curtain” symbolised the division between East and West; between beliefs and ideologies. The result was a city split down the middle – two parallel Berlins that were worlds apart. 

The absurdity of dividing a city and a nation into two led to tragic and curious results. From mysterious “ghost stations” to the complex border installations known as “the death strip”, we’ll dive into the fascinating personal stories connected with these historic structures.

Brandenburg Gate

Pay a visit to the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s most iconic landmark. The gate was originally built in the 18th Century on the orders of Friedrich II of Prussia, and has since observed many pivotal historical moments. During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate became stranded – lying in the exclusion zone between the two sides of the city. Here we’ll explore the role that the gate played in the fall of the Berlin Wall, and how it moved from a symbol of division to one of peace and unity in Germany.

The East Side Gallery

Towards the end of our Cold War tour of Berlin, we will check out the East Side Gallery. The ultimate symbol of Berlin’s revival, this once deadly wall has been rededicated as the longest street gallery in the world, which we will explore at your pace. Its vibrant frescos provide hope, colour and joy for a city learning how to move forward as one.


Cold War Tour Berlin - Life Under Communism


Tour Flexibility

This tour is flexible in terms of time and content. We recommend a minimum duration of four hours to cover the essentials above – your guide will also be able to provide further recommendations for what to do in East Berlin. 

For a more in-depth tour, highlights such as the Soviet War Memorial in Treptow or the former Stalinallee can be included on an eight-hour full-day tour.      Each tour is tailored to your interests – please enquire below for more information, or book online in just a few clicks.

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Tour Details/Route:

(Selection, depending on the chosen type of transport and duration)

  • Berlin Wall Memorial Center with original Berlin Wall, exhibit and observation deck (incl. Original sites of escape tunnels)
  • Former checkpoint ‘Palace of Tears’
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Wall Victim Memorial Site (White Crosses)
  • Historical watchtower
  • Potsdamer Platz with former ghost stations
  • Berlin Wall at the Topography of terror
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Memorial of Peter Fechter
  • East Side Gallery
  • Karl-Marx-Allee
  • Soviet War Memorial Treptower Park

Prices & Options for a Private Group

  • 4h Expert Guide & Walking = 350 € (up to 15 Persons)
  • 4h Expert Guide & Driver (Luxus) = 650 € (up to 6 Persons)
  • 4h Expert Guide & Driver (Bus) = 820 € (up to 14 Persons)

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