Nazi Berlin and Third Reich Tour

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Third Reich and Nazi Berlin: How did it happen?

(full day/6 hours)

Tour Overview

In the 1930s, Berlin entered a new era. From the cosmopolitan, intellectual and traditionally “leftist” capital of the troubled Weimar Republic, Hitler and his Nazi party managed to create an imposing new world under the tight grip of a dictatorship. We invite you to explore how the Third Reich changed Berlin’s history forever through the famous monuments and hidden stories that survived it. 

Our suggested private tour itinerary follows the chronology of the Third Reich: from its troubled and chaotic beginnings, through its dramatic seizure of power and the brutality of the Nazi regime, to the final struggle that led to its eventual downfall. 

We will make stops at the Academy of the Arts, Bebelplatz, The Reichstag, The Topography of Terror and the site of the Führerbunker among other significant locations along the way.

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WW2 Walking Tour Berlin - Third Reich Tour


Tour Highlights


Reichstag Building

Visit the famous state building which lies at the heart of Germany’s past and present. From the bloody uprising  of the 1920s to its famous destruction and subsequent abandonment in 1933, The Reichstag oversaw many of the seismic events in Berlin’s transition from Weimar Republic into the Third Reich.

Site of the Führerbunker

The Führerbunker was famously Hitler’s final hiding place, where he eventually ended his life, stimulating the collapse of the Third Reich and leading to the conclusion of WWII.

However, as we know, the end of Hitler’s life did not mean the end of the Third Reich’s influence on history. From here we take a critical look at what happened next in our city’s history, and how these events were a direct result of the twelve worst years of Germany’s history.

The Topography of Terror

Together we follow the timeline of the Third Reich, moving on to the most well known and disturbing period of our history. The Topography of Terror Documentation Center is a photographic memorial to this time, taking us right the way through the Nazi regime through the stories that it left behind. Here we will spend some time exploring and discussing the key events which took place during the 1930s and WWII period.


Finally, we finish our tour at Bebelplatz – famous as the location of the book burnings which pre-empted Germany’s dramatic slide into Nazism. Here we take time to consider and discuss these famous lines in the context of the Third Reich: “Where they burn books, they will in the end also burn people”.


Tour Details

At each stop on our tour, we will not only look at the history of the Nazi Party and its significant figures, but also address how these leaders manipulated prior “German” history for their own deadly purposes. We will also explore the lives of the common people who lived in Berlin at the time, and how some resisted the advent of the Third Reich. 

Wherever possible, we will take you to the original sites that are still standing, but will also refer to those that are no longer visible via visual material and stories.


Tour Flexibility

This private tour is flexible and customisable – if there are specific sights or periods that you would like to focus on please let us know and we can adjust the itinerary to suit your interests. The tour includes a private vehicle with driver, but if you’d prefer to do a similar itinerary on foot, please let us know and we can accommodate your wishes.

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Tour Details/Route:

  • Reichstag
  • Soviet Memorial at Tiergarten
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Pariser Platz
  • Academy of the Arts
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Site of the Führerbunker
  • Site of the Reichschancellery
  • Johann Georg Elser Memorial
  • Goering’s Air Ministry
  • German Resistance Memorial Center at Bendler Block
  • Topography of Terror (including the site of the SS, SA, & Gestapo Headquarters Buildings)
  • Bebelplatz
  • German Historical Museum
  • Lustgarten & Berliner Dom (inside on request)
  • Former Reichsbank Building

Prices & Options for a Private Group

  • 6h Expert Guide & Driver (Luxus) = 950 € (bis zu 6 persons)
  • 6h Expert Guide & Driver (Bus) = 1.145 € (bis zu 14 persons)

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